LGFCU CEO Maurice Smith, 29-year member

These characters push against the establishment and conformist thinking. Rebels are sometimes troublemakers. But to their credit, rebels can also show the courage needed to fight injustices.

We may not look like it, but your Credit Union is operated by rebels. Don’t let the suit and tie fool you. While some of my colleagues ride motorcycles and occasionally wear leather jackets on the weekends, our rebellious spirit has to do with our quest to find fairness in consumer financial services.

The financial services industry can sometimes feel like the Wild West. There are hundreds of companies offering consumer services, with new providers seeming to pop up every day. Some of these companies are not necessarily consumer friendly. In fact, in some instances, their products can be detrimental to a family’s finances.

As financial services professionals, we see some of these questionable practices. Some practices put folks in needless expensive debt. Some fees are so high they are crippling. These practices are the tools of bad guys we rebels like to fight.

In our story, the folks hurt by unfair financial practices are people like you. Folks approaching retirement can have their dreams dashed by financial predators. Money drained from a family’s checkbook can be held hostage by unsuspected schemes.

Your Credit Union is a member-owned financial cooperative. This means we work for the best interest of our owners — you. You’re the reason the Credit Union exists and the focus of every policy we install.

As rebels, we fight for fairness in financial services. We scrutinize public policies, regulations and rules we believe will injure members. We’ve written comments and articles, and spoken out in opposition to bad systemic practices.

I imagine other financial institutions don’t always like our insubordinate nature. This is especially the case when we’re fighting for the rights of all consumers to fair, affordable financial services.

But sometimes, we rebels must ride alone. I may need to change my image to really embrace this rebel persona. I think I’ll ask my wife if I can get a tattoo.


LGFCU CEO Maurice Smith
29-year member